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war, with new attacks overnight. and now, america's top diplomat on the way to the region. we're live in jerusalem. treacherous travel for millions on this busy getaway week. o a major storm in the west, with flooding rains, causing wrecks, even mudslides. will it let up in time for you to hit the road? and check this out. deluge in the e.r. a hospital trauma unit inundated. water breaking through the walls. the mess, caught on camera. as we all know, getting older can be a bummer. but not just for people. scientists now saying, we're not alone in those midlife blues. and good tuesday morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news. a new effort to stop the violence in the middle east. >> the obama administration announced overnight that secretary of state hillary
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clinton is heading to that region, where she will meet with leaders from all sides. meanwhile, israeli forces continue their offensive against hamas militants in gaza. their campaign is now in its seventh day. >> the death toll among palestinians is now over 110 people. about half of them, civilians. for more on these fast-developing situations, we're joined by abc's lama hasan, who is in jerusalem. lama, what is the latest? >> reporter: well, good morning to you, paula. yes, there is a flurry of diplomatic activity, this morning, as you rightly said. secretary clinton is heading to the region. she'll be meeting with the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu. and then, she'll move on to ramallah to meet with the palestinian authority leader, mahmoud abbas. she'll be promoting a de-escalation to the violence, as well as promoting a long-term peace outcome that sees the hamas militants stopping their attacks on the southern israeli cities.
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and finally, she'll head to cairo. you'll recall, it was the egyptian president, mohamed morsi, who has been spearheading these peace talks, these truce talks between hamas and israel. so, there's a lot behind closed doors. there's a concerted effort to end this conflict diplomatically, rather than escalating the violence. rob and paula, back to you. >> lama, israel says they're prepared to invade and use a ground game. are they still ready to do so? >> reporter: oh, absolutely. we've been seeing tens of thousands of israeli troops and tanks, massing at the border. they say they are ready to go in, once they get the green light, if they get the green light, that is. but what we do know this, the israeli cabinet had a lengthy meeting, a four-hour meeting overnight, they were not going to ground operations just yet.
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but the aim of their operation, which is called center of defense, is aim of that is to stop the rockets flying from hamas and gaza, and heading towards southern israeli cities, like ashkelon and ashdod. so, that is the aim. if that does not stop. prime minister benjamin netanyahu made it clear they are ready to go in for a ground incursion in gaza. rob and paula? >> many feel that hamas would be overmatched at that point. lama hasan, live from jerusalem. thanks for that report, lama. he has stabbed a security guard and has been apprehended by police and say the man had an ax. an abc news crew is on the way to the scene. and we'll have more on "gma." in case they are needed, the u.s. navy is moving three ships into the eastern mediterranean. that's if they're needed for the promote possibility that americans need to be evacuated from israel. the state department right now says it is not even contemplating evacuation.
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and we have breaking news overnight from california. four men are in custody charged with planning to kill americans. the fbi says, the plot's ringleader was a follower of al awlaki. the terror leader who died in a drone attack last year. two of the men arrested told an fbi source they were planning violent jihad. another major story on this busy travel day, a deadly storm is creating a soggy mess in the pacific northwest as well as in northern california. >> now, even by seattle standards, a lot of rain is coming down. that says a lot. already, more than even inches in coastal washington and oregon and still counting. and parts of the cascades and olympic mountains will be buried under 30 inches of snow. >> flooded roads, stranded drivers and also triggered a few mudslides, as well. on top of that, hurricane-force winds swept in, gusting as high as 114 miles per hour. some rough going out there. and the powerful winds were
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especially damaging along the oregon coast, where they toppled trees and knocked out power to thousands. one of those trees fell on a hunter's tent, killing him instantly. others narrowly escaped when massive trees came crashing down on their homes and their cars. it is time, now, to look at the weather from across the nation. 20 degrees warmer than normal from denver into dallas and detroit. rough surf along the carolinas. showers in florida around west palm beach, ft. lauderdale and miami. >> 70s from dallas to miami. mostly 50s in the northeast and midwest. 60s in the rockies. and phoenix, sitting nice and pretty at about 80 degrees. well, the mad dash to get out of town for thanksgiving is already under way. but it should be in full swing by tomorrow, what aaa is calling the very busiest travel day of the entire year. 43.6 million americans are expected to travel at least 50 miles. and this year, 90% of those folks will go by car.
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and passengers at l.a.x. are being warned to allow 90 extra minutes of travel time tomorrow, because of a huge protest in the streets surrounding that airport. the demonstration by more than 1,000 members of the service employees union is expected to last about five hours. and while keeping tabs on the crisis in the middle east, president obama has wrapped up his sessions at a summit of east asian nations. that summit was taking place in cambodia. this morning, mr. obama met with china's outgoing premier. both men stressed the need for the u.s. and china to work together in order to guarantee sustained economic growth around the globe. an early thanksgiving for vice president biden. the v.p. continued his tradition of inviting wounded veterans to his house for thanksgiving dinner. calling it one of the, quote, highlights and honors of his job. the guests included members of the army, air force and the marines. this is the fourth time the bidens have had the early thanksgiving celebration. and one more side note, happy birthday, mr. vice president.
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joe biden turns 70 years old today. >> looks like quite a spread there. well, coming up, has the stock market turned a corner? your 401(k) sees the biggest bounce since election day. plus, rethinking the trial of the century. after a serial killer now claims he's the one who killed nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. and then, this incredible video we showed you earlier, of a hospital e.r. being deluged. but this wasn't even caused by a storm. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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welcome back on this tuesday morning. there is a sigh of relief on wall street. the dow this morning is coming off its best day since the election, closing just under 13,000. the average gained more than 200 points or a little less than 2%, if you're doing the math there. there's optimism the government will avoid that fiscal cliff at the end of the calendar year. there were also good earnings reports and housing data yesterday. and another big story this week, don't write off twinkies just yet. the company that makes them, hostess brands, and its second-largest union will meet in private mediation today. now, if no agreement is reached, the liquidation hearing will resume tomorrow. but the ceo of hostess admits there's a lot of pressure to come up with some kind of solution to put twinkies back on store shelves. breathe easier, america. >> i would never write off twinkies. well, there's good news if you're one of the millions hitting the road this weekend. gas prices are coming down. the average is two cents lower than about a week ago. although, it is still about a
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nickel higher than it was this time last year. it's much better than earlier in the fall. it comes just in time for this busy weekend. federal labor officials are promising a quick decision for walmart. the retailer wants a union group blocked from staging protests at its stores on black friday. walmart contends that these protests have gone on longer than the law allows. even if there is picketing on friday, it may not have any affect on walmart sales. and early indications are, yeah, it won't. some shoppers are already camping outside of walmart and other stores, waiting for those big black friday specials. they want to be first in line when the doors open for what's called door-buster deals. those are extreme markdowns in very limited quantities. let's hope we don't see the scenes of people trampling over each other and all that. the flat-screen ain't worth a trip to the hospital, folks. take it easy. >> good advice, dr. nelson. next on this tuesday, the big announcement from a soccer superstar. also this morning, the midlife crisis. not just a problem for people,
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turkey!? come on already! this is no ordinary thanksgiving. sears black friday doorbusters start 8pm thursday, going all night with more doorbusters 4am friday. this is sears. one of the busiest emergency rooms in canada will remain closed for a few days after being flooded by a ruptured pipe. and this was no small leak, folks. water burst through a wall, in british columbia hospital on sunday. it was ankle-deep. patients were quickly moved to safety. some were sent to other hospitals. and now, for a look at morning road conditions. you can expect flooded highways in washington, oregon and northern california. snow-covered passes could be treacherous in the cascades and olympic mountains. also, slick into idaho and montana. and the roads will be wet in south florida, as well. >> if you're flying today, like many of you may be, look for
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weather-related airport delays in two cities in the west, seattle and san francisco. we have a major development in morning into the investigation of that massive explosion that leveled part of an indianapolis neighborhood, killing two people. >> now, police say it was not an accident but murder. and they already have an important clue. here's rafael sanchez with our indianapolis station. >> reporter: six days ago, flames and fear overtook this indianapolis neighborhood. investigators believe the cause of the deadly blast was no accident. >> we are turning this into a criminal homicide investigation. >> reporter: the news broke a few hours after the funeral of jennifer and dion longworth, who were killed in the explosion. the loss has not gone unnoticed in who may have killed the second grade teacher and her husband. >> there is a search for truth. and there is a search for justice. >> reporter: authorities are now zeroing in on the people scene in a white van the afternoon of november 10th.
4:16 am
it's believed those individuals may be connected or responsible for the death and destruction which impacted more than 200 people. >> we urge anyone with information about this matter to contact crimestoppers. >> police are offering a couple of rewards. hoping that the cash will get people to talk or provide a tip that will lead to the closing of this case. in indianapolis, rafael sanchez, abc news. well, it's been nearly two decades. and still, the o.j. simpson murder case is making headlines. a new documentary suggests that simpson's ex-wife, nicole brown, and ron goldman, were actually the victims of a serial killer, this guy, who confessed to their murders. glen rodgers is on death row. claiming that simpson told him to break into the home, steal jewelry and kill her if necessary. he is serving time for a robbery and kidnapping, stemming from a
4:17 am
confrontation over sports memorabilia. and could lindsay lohan be heading back to jail yet again? the troubled actress may see her probation provoked for allegedly lying to police about a car accident last june. criminal charges are expected to be filed soon. lohan claims she was not driving when her porsche hit an 18-wheeler in santa monica, when, in fact, she was behind the wheel. she is on probation for jewelry theft. >> oh, lindsay. the mayor of new jersey's largest city may soon be living off a government handout. mayor cory booker challenged a critic to a contest, in which they both used food stamps for a week. a nearby university has agreed to referee that contest. sports, now. a bit of a shocker on "monday night football." we have the low-lights or high-lights, depending on which part of the country you're in from espn. >> good morning. cole wright here with your espn news update.
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and the san francisco 49ers, the first team since 1981, to play on "monday night football." jim harbaugh, hoping for no ties against the chicago bears. backup q.b. under center, colin kaepernick. that's vernon davis. kaepernick for alex smith. moving along, now, to the second half. 14-0 lead. kaepernick, with a three-step drop back, looking and finding the award winner. michael crabtree. the 49ers, 32-7, they beat the bears. grizzlies taking on the nuggets. they have the best record in the nba for the first time in franchise history. late in the first, gasol last night, but andre miller. late in the second, gallinari, spinning and hitting, 2 of his 267. that squared the affair, 45-45. third quarter, gasol, to rudy
4:19 am
gay. fourth and final, let's go. tony allen, just five minutes left. bottoms away. grizzlies lead by four. later in the fourth, gay beat andre iguodala like a rented mule. grizzlies led by three. just over two. 13 in. a double-double. and the guy's been effective. and so have the grizzlies. finally, the nuggets down one. mcgee, great second effort. points in the paint for denver. nuggets out in front. gallinari, with under 30 seconds to go. 26 and 5. nuggets win 97-92. they hand memphis their second loss of the season. that will do it for us. until next time, i'm cole wright. you can watch "the highlight express." >> sorry about the bears. david beckham says the final game for his current team, the
4:20 am
los angeles galaxy, will be next saturday's championship match. >> becks and his famious family have been in l.a. for six seasons. he's not retiring from soccer. but he's not saying where he's taking it next. coming up next in "the pulse," when a guy has a midlife crisis, gets a porsche or a bad toupee. but what does an ape do? >> are you going to answer that? and the legendary story, now set to song. yes, i'm a jewelry store. and yes, i'm talking to you. mike here needs a necklace. but not just any necklace. he needs a "honey, i love you even more than the day we got married" necklace. well, i don't want to brag, but my selection is larger than ordinary jewelry stores, with truly unique pieces you won't find just anywhere, making it easy for mike to find the necklace that tells his wife exactly how he feels. there. that's why he went to jared.
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time to check "the pulse," this morning, the stories you'll be talking about today. it appears humans are not alone when it comes to having that
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much-dreaded midlife crisis. >> the new study finds that apes go through an emotional drop-off like humans and face social pressures. for chimpanzees and orangutans, it usually happens in the late 20s or early 30s. it shows the close relationship between humans and apes. the pressure at work. >> all those bananas. the stress of it all. nearly 36 years to the day since it first hit the big screen, "rocky" is back. >> yo, adrian. >> that was terrible. the story of rags to riches, has been turned into a musical. >> it's just opened in germany. and it's being performed in german. [ singing in a foreign language ] ♪ rocky fights from the heart
4:24 am
>> rocky fights from the heart. sly stallone himself helped produce the show and says, quote, it would make rocky proud. very cool. and call it tranqsgiving. >> "jersey shore" star, mark sorrentino. but he tweeted his phone number. thousands of people called and texted before he confessed. the number isn't his. it belongs to his best friend, who thought he could outdo him when it comes to practical jokes. who is laughing now? >> that friend is at the cell phone store right now, getting a new number. well done, situation. for some of you, your local well done, situation. for some of you, your local news is next. l them, "come straight to the table." i say, "it's breakfast time, not playtime." "there's fruit, milk and i'm putting a little nutella on your whole-wheat toast." funny, that last part gets through. [ male announcer ] serving nutella is quick and easy. its great taste comes from a unique combination
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next, the busiest travel day of the year. striking workers, could that affect your travel plans? >> if you are hitting the road wicked weather hitting part of the west coast. >> i'm meteorologist mike nicco. tracking that rain, already in the north bay, i'll tell you normal in the midwest and southwest. and blizzard warnings in montana. finally from us this morning, there is a major change coming in the male-dominated world of auto racing. not behind the wheel. but in the pit. >> danica patrick, already did that. one woman is proving she can handle the pressure while millions watched. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: there's a revolution happening in nascar today. and her name is christmas. you're the real deal?
4:28 am
>> i think so. you know, you can't really fake strength. >> reporter: while the track has seen a few women drivers at elite levels. never before has a woman muscled her way into one of the physically demanding roles in the pit. where in less than 12 seconds, they fuel the car and change the tires. it's a crucial job in a multibillion business. a few extra seconds at a pit stop and their driver loses. 30-year-old christmas abbott is such a woman, working the front tire position. and in these recorded practices they study each night, her times are within milliseconds of the big leagues. she was recruited after an audition. and says she was so competitive, she was drawn to the high stakes of racing. you're 5'3". let's see. >> these are with wheels on. >> reporter: with heels on. don't let her look fool you. she's an incredible brand of athlete, who has built her body through intense workouts, and
4:29 am
crazy competitions. carrying a 125-pound friend with one arm. and a 70-pound dumbbell with the other. >> my body is a very precise machine, where whatever i want to do, ultimately, i will be able to. >> reporter: at first, her crew chief coach wasn't so sure. >> i wanted no part of it. i think i was convinced, when i saw her. >> i feel like, i'm bringing something huge to the sport. but this is ultimately much bigger than me. i find that those things that scare you most are the most rewarding once you've conquered them. >> reporter: steve osunsami, abc news, charlotte. >> reporter: steve osunsami, abc news, charlotte. >> she scares captioned by closed captioning services, inc.

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